Art 2: Mixed Media Still Life

Students in Art 2 worked hard on these Mixed Media Still Life Collages. They observed still life set-ups around the classroom, and chose an interesting composition. They arranged and balanced varying collage paper in their background, and alternated their choice of media accordingly. Great work Art 2!


Welcome Back!

We’re back! And off to a great start this school year. Lots of projects and production in A141. Check out Metals 1’s first project- textured soldered rings! Looking forward to lots of creativity and inspiration this school year!fullsizeoutput_1be6

Ceramics: Pinch Pot Animals

Students in Ceramics learned how to form a simple pinch pot, into a unique body of a chosen animal. They added detail, texture, and colorful glaze to match their figures!

Art 2: Linoleum Printing

Students in Art 2 studied perspective, and chose an image of architecture that conveyed one or two point perspective. They then transferred their image to linoleum block, and carved out their design. They experimented with various printmaking techniques to produce a variety of prints.