Art 2: Charcoal Value Studies

Students in Art 2 practiced using charcoal by looking at a highly contrasted still life, as well as the figure in a series of gesture/figure drawings.

Ceramics 1: Slab Drape or Slump Molds

Students in Ceramics 1 learned how to make a basic slab form, and add texture to the body of clay. They looked at molds, and learned how to make a slump and drape form. Students then combined techniques to make a textured slump/drape slab form that was functional in its design. Some students opted out of using the molds to produce their own unique design!


New from the Metals Studio!

Students in Advanced Metals began their semester by producing a form that practiced a previously learned technique. We called this a ‘refresher’ assignment, as students were coming into the course at different levels! Metals 1 just completed their first soldered rings, and did a great job! Next up for Advanced: Etching. Metals 1: Saw Cut Pendants!


Art 2- Monochromatic Value Study

Students in Art 2 used previous knowledge of color mixing, to practice building a monochromatic color scheme of a chosen image. They used painted, collaged papers to construct their image.